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Thank you for choosing Oliveira Chiropractic! We are looking forward to working with you to help you reach your life and performance goals. 

Getting started is easy! Choose from the convenient options below. 

Call or text  (916) 917-4063 to contact Dr. Nate directly.

- OR -

Click HERE to check out Dr. Nate's online booking website, where you'll be able to reserve a day and time that works for both of you. 

Additional Questions?

Feel free to email with any additional questions you may have. He would be happy to help and is looking forward to speaking with you!



Oliveira Chiropractic is a sports and family chiropractic office in Sacramento, CA that offers an integrative, holistic approach to your care. We focus on treating pain and correcting movement dysfunctions related to your condition, creating fast and lasting results.

Our promise to you is that we'll take the time necessary to truly address the root cause of your symptoms - we are NOT a quick in and out office. With treatment durations of up to 30 minutes, we deliver longer lasting results in fewer visits.  

In-Depth Assessment

Longer Treatments

Integrative Approach

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