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Maria C.

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"While training for a marathon I started experiencing pain in my hip to the point that I was having trouble walking. From the first session I felt instant relief and I am back on track with my training. Nate is knowledgeable and professional. He directed me to additional resources and things I should do between sessions to alleviate the pain and improve my mobility. I highly recommend him!"

Juliet R.

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"I sought out Oliveira Chiropractic after gaining an acute injury, complicated from a chronic injury. Nate O. offers a variety of therapies after careful consideration, focusing on the likely cause of injury. He is a great listener! Nate supplied me with the appropriate stretches(homework!), specific to my area of injury, increasing the ability to heal in between sessions of therapy. His goal is my goal--to get better and back to what I enjoy! He encourages maintenance therapy to keep alignment in check."

Bri S.

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"Best chiropractor ever!!! Nate doesn’t just adjust or “crack” you and send you on your way. He has used cupping, soft tissue massage, and other techniques to really make sure he’s helping the whole problem. He listens to what is going on and is so knowledgeable. He always explains what he is doing and the reasoning behind it. I will never go to another chiropractor! I can’t recommend this place enough!"

Tim F.

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"Nate is absolutely the best in the business. I have been a martial arts instructor and practitioner for the last 50 years, and with that comes the need for the kind of body work and spinal adjustment that only someone with Nate's skill set can provide. Additionally, he's a terrific personality and is a great communicator. He has my highest recommendation."

Alex Z.

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"As a Personal Trainer, I’ve had my fair share of injuries due to overuse and overworking, but there was also some injuries from my past that never healed properly. I’ve had several different chiropractors and Nate is by far the best.He doesn’t just adjust you and send you on your way; Nate is very well educated and he will look into the many possibilities that you could be hurting. I’ve had sciatica/piriformis syndrome for years and he’s been able to help make it go away. I send all my clients to him and pricing is underpriced in comparison to what he offers his clients."

Sherman W.

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I appreciate that Nate listens and works to pinpoint the best ways or ways to treat the issue. He has several “tools” at his disposal to complement his DC training … scraping and the shockwave machine worked best for treating the tendonitis in my forearm.

Caitlin B.

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"injured my knee during training for an Olympic weightlifting competition. I went to a physical therapist who wasn’t helpful at all, and my knee didn’t get any better after a lot of money and a month of doing everything he said every day.Then I went to Nate, who actually gave me a diagnosis that made sense and prescribed rehab exercises that worked actually relieved pain. He told me I could be back to lifting in about 4-6 weeks. I’m on week 6 of working with him now and he was right. I’m back to my sport and soooo thankful for his help. I can’t recommend him enough!"

Casey C.

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"Dr Nate is amazing! I have dealt with a lot of neck and back trouble for a while and was trying to look for a new chiropractor here in Sacramento. Dr Nate is so personable and understanding, and he takes the time to assess the root issue and resolve it. I've been seeing him for over a month now and I've never felt better. I look forward to every adjustment!"

Hector P.

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"Nate’s knowledge and professionalism is unbelievable! I’ve been dealing with an injury couple of weeks and in just one session he found out what it was and the best way to improve it. He’s amazing!"

Carmen C.

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Dr. Nate is fantastic, knows his specialty and excellent knowledge of the body. I ALWAYS feel that after a treatment I’m new again. This is the best feeling and Dr Nate pinpoints your area of discomfort and works from there. This is much more than just an adjustment. I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Nate.

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